Wayne Hudspeth, Operations Manager

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February 18, 1999

Just a note to let you know the MART Power Washer is still exceeding our expectations.

During the past eighteen months we have used the TORNADO almost daily without any mechanical breakdowns. Preventive maintenance is simple, and problems have been non-existent.

Our biggest surprise has been chemical usage. When we planned the Hammond Branch we wanted to build an environmentally friendly location. That meant as few chemicals as possible. The MART Power Washer has held up its end of the bargain. Detergent, Defoamer, and spray additive used for fiscal year 1998 averaged only $2.04 per day. Regular testing and an occasional boost of detergent is all that has been required to keep our Washer at 100% efficiency.

As a service facility, we know labor that is our most valuable commodity. Our MART Washer is loaded, turned on and forgotten. The parts come out clean and ready for assembly. Labor time expended by technicians cleaning parts is almost non-existent.

I came from an operation heavily dependant on hot & cold cleaning tanks with a full-time cleaning person so I have witnessed both types of cleaning operations. I believe our company's money was well spent on our MART Washer, and would highly recommend that anyone considering the expenditure of an automated wash system, take the time and review what MART has to offer. I would also recommend that they do as I did. Go to a location using a MART Washer and get it firsthand from users what this system can do for your bottom line.

Thanks again for following up on the sale and our operation.

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