(Subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand Company)

Jay Alexander, Bearing Repair Manager

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October 5, 1999

The Torrington Company provides an industry leading bearing reconditioning service out of its manufacturing facility in Union, SC. This program reconditions worn or damaged heavy bearings for extended service life at an economical cost for users in heavy industry.

Our MART Power Washer was purchased to increase our production time involved with cleaning grease packed bearings that had been in service. It has done just that! It is the most critical piece of equipment in our shop because we depend on its speed and efficiency so that we can continue to shorten our process time and increase our value to our customers. We purchased the MART Power Washer in 1993 and if asked if we made the correct choice, I would answer yes and that we have easily justified this investment. Thanks to MART, The Torrington Repair Facility can continue to provide our customers with the best and most qualified service in the bearing industry.

Torrington is the leading producer of precision bearings and components for worldwide industry. The firm is a subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand Company.

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