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Power Washer - Controls

7-DAY PROGRAMMABLE CLOCK TIMER: Set Timer to preheat Power Washer during normal wash days. Has Skip-a-Day feature with override to operate Power Washer on normal off days. Provides automatic timed operation of optional Oil Skimmer.

ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT & CONTROLLER: Automatically maintains solution-operating temperature.

WASH CYCLE TIMER: Heavy Duty Industrial Eagle Signal timer with large easy to change adjustment: 0-30 minutes in 1-minute increments. Automatically resets to last wash time setting.

STOP: Prominently mounted red Stop Button, immediately shuts down cleaning cycle functions when depressed.

SAFETY DOOR INTERLOCK: Automatically shuts down Cleaning Cycle when Loading Door is open. Has interlock relay for fault detection of safety circuit, and a shield to prevent accidental operation and attempts to defeat switch. For added safety, Loading Door must open and close to reset Safety Lock.

CLOSED LOOP CLEANING - ZERO DISCHARGE: Cleaning solution does not discharge remains in cabinet for treatment or disposal. Complies with Federal goal of Waste Minimization.

AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL SENSOR: Electronic System with large diameter Stainless Steel Float Ball reads solution levels.

  • OVERFLOW PROTECTION: Shuts off water fill to prevent flooding of shop.
  • LOW SOLUTION SHUTOFF: If incoming fresh water service is interrupted, disables heat source to reduce fire hazard, and disables Pump System to prevent damage.
  • AUTOMATIC WATER REFILL: Maintains solution at nominal operating level.

Patented Water Level Control System reads and controls Low and Hi Water levels to prevent pump and heat operation in case of low water condition, and prevent overflow of solution onto shop floor in case of high water. Also provides Rinse Bank to ensure complete rinsing with each Auto Rinse Cycle.

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