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Center Manifold Probe

The optional Center Probe Manifold is effective to remove soils from hollow, narrow diameter long parts where the interior is not accessible to blasted solution from outer Manifolds. Examples of such parts include hot sections from jet engines and turbine pump housings.

The Center Probe Manifold transverses the length of the part as the part rotates in the center of the turntable. The Center Manifold washes the interior surfaces while the Power Blast Manifold (PBM) cleans the exterior.

Provides all the washing and rinsing functions of the Primary System.

Can provide a shorter stroke for short wash loads to concentrate blasted solution on the parts.

Details of Construction and Operation

Roof of Washer Cabinet is reinforced, and a superstructure, with tracks and guides, controls the Center Probe Manifold as shown in the following figure. The Center Probe Manifold consists of a Vertical Manifold Tube the length of the work height of the Washer, with 2 wash nozzles located horizontally and connected to the lower end of the Tube. The Tube is guided through a pair of bushings in the Cabinet roof. The Tube is raised and lowered by a Roller Chain and Carriage that are driven by a Gear Motor.

Wash solution is piped to the Vertical Manifold Tube through a flexible hose attached to the back of the Cabinet roof. When the Power Washer has the optional Auto Rinse System, an extra tube is attached to the Vertical Manifold Tube to carry rinse water through flexible tubing to a pair of Rinse Nozzles on the lower end of the Tube. Fresh water for the Center Manifold is provided from the Fresh Water Heat Exchanger in the Main Reservoir.

A Door Lock is provided to help prevent accidental damage to the Vertical Manifold Tube while parts are on the turntable. An electrically actuated Solenoid locks the Washer Cabinet Door closed during operating cycles to prevent accidental opening of the Door with the Center Manifold in its down position. Door remains locked until the Manifold returns to the home position. The lock functions automatically whenever the Center Manifold system is deployed (in manual and automatic modes).

Power is required to unlock the Door. In the event of power failure, or if power is turned off to Washer, Door-lock Solenoid will de-energize and lock the Door. The Lock can be manually by-passed by pushing up the small pin that protrudes below the Solenoid Lock Box and the Door will open.

CP Design

Benefits Over Other Probes

1. 18% of the total flow of the MART system discharges from the Center Probe to equally balance the washing action to all inner and outer surfaces

2. The MART Probe glides on a center track to increase reliability and eliminate the problems of the cantilever design

3. When the MART Center Probe is retracted, a diverter collar welded to the roof of the cabinet deflects the blast from the Center Probe downward to assist the washing action

4. The MART Center Probe has tight pattern spray nozzles to increase impact pressure to inside surfaces by 30 times

5. Whether the Center Probe is deployed or retracted, the Power Blast Manifold oscillates non-synchronously to ensure the most thorough cleaning possible of all surfaces.

Center Manifold Probe

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