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Quality Statement

Quality at MART is a philosophy; a discipline; a way of life. It is in the mindset of MART people who are committed to performing their work in a quality manner, take pride in their work and in MART, know the importance of each individual effort to the whole, and strive to meet the goals of the MART Mission Statement.

Quality at MART is achieved by consistent, repeatable tasks involving Formalized Systems and our people: Formalized Systems by which good judgment can be applied so that our quality results are achieved by design and are sustainable over time; and our people because only committed, trained people can apply judgment to consistently make quality decisions.

MART employs a controlled Quality system that is appropriate for MART, its products and its customers, and in every way is as good as the ISO 9000 system at providing Quality results. The MART Quality system has several parts:

  • The MALCOLM BALDRIGE criteria against which we measure ourselves so we can deliver the benefits and meet the expectations of MART customers
  • The comprehensive Final Inspection Report document that ensures that MART consistently delivers quality equipment and products

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