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Quality at MART - 10 Principles of Quality

Every company needs an effective way of doing and completing its work, and measuring the results to know that the standards required of the work are met. MART developed its own method – THE TEN PRINCIPLES – which is applied to each task.

1. ANALYZE TASK. Analyze the task, work, activity or process to thoroughly understand its exact scope and nature, and determine how and by whom the completed task or activity will be utilized;

2. APPLY PRINCIPLES. Determine how the PRINCIPLES will be applied to perform the process;

3. SET PROCEDURES. Set forth a procedure using the PRINCIPLES that will be followed to produce a Quality result. If process will be repeated then the completed procedure should be formalized and documented to provide a basis for performing the same process in the future;

4. QUALIFY PARTICIPANTS. The person responsible for the process will ensure that persons or groups to be involved are qualified to complete their portion of the process in a Quality manner. If this requirement cannot be met, the procedure or staffing must be modified to ensure that a quality result is produced;

5. ESTABLISH CONTROLS. Whether or not a formal procedure is in place, for complex multi-step tasks or activities, decide which subparts are crucial to a quality outcome and establish control measurements to ensure the quality of the crucial subparts. Whenever possible, "foolproof" the process design to prevent errors. Each measurement must yield verifiable proof of quality;

6. COMMUNICATE PLAN. Alert the people who will be involved in the execution and completion of the process and discuss the reasons for it, the plan to carry it out, the support and work required of them, the time and budget allotted for completion, and the results required;

7. PROVIDE TOOLS. Identify and make available, to the persons requiring them, the tools, data and other materials needed to successfully complete their portion of the process;

8. INITIATE PROCESS. Initiate the procedure to accomplishing the process;

9. VERIFY RESULTS. Apply measurement criteria, if previously defined, to the process. If no measurement criteria have been defined then verify that process has in fact been completed in accordance with the criteria established for it. Confirm with others that the process, as completed and without alteration or changes, will be useful to those who have need of the process. As applicable, ensure that the procedure is documented to define how the process will be performed in the future; and

10. "CAR"/REPORT. As required, identify the root cause of errors, take corrective action and make modifications to the process, reporting the details of the modified process to those affected by it.

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