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The MART R&D Program, that has been ongoing for over 20 years, included the close study of other makes of washing machines. This research proved invaluable as it lead to many improvements to the Power Wash Process. It also helped MART develop new models and options so that Power Washing would be more useful to the industries that manufacture and rebuild.

Customers have often asked MART to compare other washing machines to MART Systems. MART approached these requests as fairly as possible so that the responses were objective. Other washer makers have published engineering statements and performance claims that MART has analyzed as well. Two of the linked Reports debunk (1) the reply by Proceco to the MART Pump Technology article, and (2) “The Purifier” option that is offered by Better Engineering.

Attached are some of the Reports that were generated. They do not cover every washer make or every industry that is serviced by MART. But it might be useful to review these Reports to know what to look for and the considerations that are important when shopping for a wash system.

MART will be pleased to provide an analysis for you as well. Call a MART Applications Specialist for details. The analysis takes about a week, and will set you on the path to making an informed decision that will serve your parts cleaning needs for many years to come.


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