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Spare Parts Policy

MART believes that cleaning systems are the single most important equipment in a rebuilding or new manufacturing operation. If the cleaning equipment is down for any reason, the plant is effectively out of business because there is no way to work around the cleaning.

To ensure maximum uptime MART maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts, back to the first Power Washers built 29 years ago. Most other parts are readily available and in stock from MART's suppliers. When a manufacturer no longer makes a component that was installed on an early model Power Washer, MART has determined an acceptable alternative that is available and Tech Services can instruct the owner on its installation.

Servicing our customers with repair parts is an extremely important part of our business. When a MART system needs repair, no matter what year or model and whether the equipment was purchased directly from MART or bought used from the original owner, the company is encouraged to contact the Tech Services Department for assistance. This service is free to all owners of MART systems.

Contact  MART Tech Services for details.

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