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Power Blast Manifold (PBM)

Parts washing with the MART (oscillating) POWER BLAST MANIFOLD (PBM)
Protected by U.S. Patent No 4,741,351

To thoroughly remove soil the solution must hit the all surfaces to be cleaned. Surfaces that are blasted come clean, and those that are missed remain soiled. Most wash loads are complex. The most difficult of all loads is a basket of randomly loaded nested parts. Each basket load is unique, yet the parts washer must reach the very center of the load. In order to reach all the surfaces, even the deepest recesses and cavities within a wash load, MART provides its patented Power Blast Manifold. The PBM is exclusive on MART Parts Washers. Following is a comparison of the jet-spray manifold and the MART oscillating Manifold.

CONVENTIONAL JET-SPRAY WASHING MACHINES. In a conventional wash cabinet the manifold is stationary and aimed at the center point of the turntable. Whether the turntable rotates the parts load five or fifty times, the load is hit by solution from a single angle of impingement. Many hidden surfaces are missed and the soil that remains must be removed by other methods.

HOW THE MART POWER BLAST MANIFOLD WORKS. There are two features that are unique to the MART Manifold system. First, the Manifold is C-shaped and twisted so that each nozzle - from the bottom up, top down and across the cabinet - operates on its own individual plane and cannot intersect or deflect the other nozzles in the system. This ensures that the maximum energy discharging from the nozzle tips will reach the wash load.

Power Blast in Action

Next, as the turntable rotates, the entire C-shaped PBM pivots on its vertical axis, making a
46-degree arc and quick return, every ten seconds, throughout the wash cycle. The speed of the PBM is not synchronized to the rotational speed of the turntable so the load is blasted from a different angle each time it passes the nozzles. In a 15-minute wash cycle the nozzles in a TORNADO 40 Hi-Profile will hit the load from more than 2,500 unique angles of impingement. This is how every nook and cranny comes clean.

The Power Blast Manifold Technology is exclusive with MART Power Washers.

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