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Moving Manifolds (patented)

To better understand the primary advantage of the MART aqueous parts cleaning system, we look to its patented moving manifold. MART began developing this reciprocating manifold technology in 1983 and now offers several different moving manifold configurations, depending on the style of the Power Washer and the work required of the system. The value of the technology is quite simple and easily explained with the following two examples:

COFFEE CUP EXAMPLE. For this test you will need a coffee cup and a ball point pen. The coffee cup represents something to be washed and the pen is the solution blasted from a single nozzle. Hold the pen horizontally and aim it towards the center of the coffee cup. Rotate the cup four or five times on its own axis and observe the "spray" as the cup handle passes the ball point pen. As you rotate the cup, the question is this: How does the inside of the handle come clean? Clearly it doesn’t because the solution glances off the outside of the handle and never gets to the inside. Now take the pen and move it horizontally, left to right, as you continue to rotate the cup.

Solid line represents stationary Jet Spray Nozzle aimed at center of cup.

Dotted line is path of Power Blast Manifold that cleans the inside of the cup handle.

This demonstration simulates the action of the oscillating Manifold. Note that the nozzle now reaches the inside of the handle with the same frequency as the outside. The inside of the handle will be as clean as the rest of the cup without increasing the cycle time. Now imagine the effect of moving nozzles on a complex load of parts.

STEAM CLEANING EXAMPLE. If you have ever used a steamer or high pressure wand, you found that no one spray angle cleans all the surfaces. Only by twisting and turning the nozzle into all the blind and hidden surfaces could the part be cleaned. You stuck the nozzle deep into each opening and rotated to the greatest extent possible to gain all the angles. With all the twisting and turning you knew some soiled areas could easily be missed, so you twisted and turned even more. The moving manifold of the MART Parts cleaning System solves this problem.

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