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Power Washer - Cabinet Construction

CABINET MATERIAL: 7 ga and 1/4 inch ASTM A-569 grade sheet steel.

STRUCTURAL MEMBERS: ASTM A-36 (minimum) structural carbon steel with 3/8 to 1 inch wall box tubing and angle engineered for the load rating of Power Washer with a margin of safety of 3 (min).

CABINET WELDING: All seams are continuous MIG welded with E-70 electrode for strength and integrity, and to eliminate cabinet leaks without gaskets or caulking.

Dual Position Door Lock: Stabilize Turntable for safer loading and unloading, and for cleanouts and servicing of Reservoir. Lock is spring load and is easily operated from the door handle to save time.

LEVELING BOLTS: Leveling Bolts located in four corners of Cabinet Base are provided to facilitate leveling of Power Washer without material handling or other equipment. Tie-down anchoring points are also provided.

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