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At MART, we look at ourselves as more than an aqueous part washer manufacturer. We enable people to get their dirty parts clean by providing a totally engineered and patented, environmentally safe aqueous cleaning process that removes soils with the hydraulic force of impact pressure augmented by soap and heat, and we provide an environmentally friendly system to dispose of the waste.

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Industry Leader in Aqueous Parts Washer Technology

Founded: 1971
Employees: 72
Plant Size: 28,665 sq.ft
Location: St Louis, MO USA

Manufacturing Capabilities:
All metal forming (mild or stainless steel); fitting, welding, assembly; subassembly and final assembly testing; and quality inspections and certification for each MART Model and System prior to shipment

Manufacturing Capacity:
All MART Turntable style systems from CYCLONE 2.2 with 27 inch Table and 38 inch Work Height, to HURRICANE 144 with 144 inch Table and 17 ft work height, and machine weights to 65,000 pounds; all Tumbler, Clamshell and Single/Dual Lift Door models; and all automated Pass Thru systems

Product Lines:
34 Power Washer Models and 104 Engineered Options, capable of manufacturing 5+ Million different Power Washer without duplication; EQ-1 Wastewater Processing; Chemical Group: Spare Parts/Retrofits

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