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MART president Gary Minkin invented Power Washing in 1971. His idea was to clean parts with hydraulic force (impact pressure) rather than by flooding the wash load with a high concentration of chemical in hot solution. The first Power Washers were installed side-by-side jet spray machines and proved to be superior for the removal of difficult soils. The Power Wash process became the first of eleven patents now held by MART.

New Power Washing technology is generated through our R&D program that has been in effect since 1987 when MART began investing $200,000 a year in pure R&D. While the investment is modest in annual terms, over time it has added up to over $3.5 million and is responsible for MART Power Washers remaining State-of-the-art cleaning systems.

MART now offers the largest product line in the industry with 34 Power Washer models and 104 engineered options. The company can configure a wash system to meet the most unique and stringent requirements, and is capable of producing more than 5 million different Power Washer systems without a single duplication. Custom engineering services are also available.

MART offers the Largest Product Line in the Industry

Over the past three years MART has been providing industry with a remarkable new proprietary technology that treats waste streams, separating and encapsulating the waste for safe disposal and reclaiming the solution and chemical for reuse.

The system is called MART EQ-1, named for its "Environmental Quality" results and "One Step" processing.


MART EQ-1 has been approved for industrial and military use. We fully expect that the EQ-1 system will change the way American industry processes its waste streams and disposes of waste products.

The MART product line sets the standard by which all other washing machines and wastewater-processing systems are judged. Our goal is to continue improving our technology and services, and to be even more responsive to the changing needs of our customers.

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