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MART Export Program and Expert Policy


Export has become a large segment of MART business, currently accounting for 35% of the total Power Washer and EQ-1 Processor shipments and installations.

The MART international export program began in 1984, when MART exported its first Power Washer. MART is now recognized as a leading U.S. exporter by five important U.S. government and business groups. The first recognition of MART’s success is from the State of Missouri that honored MART in 2003 with its Eagle Award. The legend on the plaque says:

45th Annual Governor’s Economic Development Conference, May 30, 2003: 2003 Governor’s Exporter Of The Year Award Presented to MART Corporation.

Other recent honors that recognize MART’s International Business Development program:

2004 Missouri Export Achievement Award from the Missouri District Export Counsel
2004 St. Louis Small Business Exporter of the Year
2004 U.S. SBA Region VII Export Champion of the Year
2006 Nominee for the “e” National U.S. Presidential Award

The MART export program came about when MART realized that, just like our domestic customers, the international trade needs the unique benefits of patented MART technology. Our success in export proves the confidence that international customers have in our product line. They know that MART can provide honest long term solutions to their parts cleaning problems.

To ensure that the international trade receives all the benefits that MART can deliver, MART developed its World Model Configuration for export. There are many unique features in the World Model Systems that ensure maximum up-time and ease of service and repair, anywhere in the world. Further, Power Washers in countries with 50 Hz electrical service deliver the same performance – Pump pressure, flow, and velocity of blasted solution as domestic 60 Hz MART Systems.

MART invented and patented the Power Wash process in 1971. MART Systems remove the most difficult soils imaginable with solution that is blasted at high impact pressure, in contrast to the Jet Spray method that relies on flooding the parts with a high concentration of hot soapy solution. This is why Power Washers can remove soils such as carbon, scale and paint that are virtually impossible to remove in a conventional Jet Spray machine.

An important distinction between The MART Corporation and other washer makers is our approach to international business. MART makes no distinction between its domestic and foreign customers. MART is keenly aware that the best washing equipment in the world is of no value if the manufacturer does not provide technical support. This is why each MART owner receives the same technical assistance and service … worldwide ... for as long as the equipment is in operation. Note that the useful life expectancy of a MART Power Wash system is 30+ years. The MART Technical Services Department and Staff are geared to ensure the long term success of our international trade.

Because of the complexity of the product line, it is not appropriate for MART to produce quality through an ISO Program. Instead, MART operates on the Malcolm Baldrige Principles to ensure that the very best quality and reliability are provided to its domestic and international customers.

Servicing the international trade is very different from domestic customers. Quite often the federal or state government of the export country is involved in selecting and purchasing the equipment. Further, the rules for acquiring capital equipment vary greatly from one country to another. MART often relies on local agencies that understand the business acumen of the country. To assist in servicing the international trade, MART also has unique relationships with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Business Division of the State of Missouri, the St. Louis Center for International Relations, the St. Louis World Trade Center, other State and Federal Government agencies, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

In all, MART currently ships to 43 countries and has the capacity to ship to most other countries as well. The Users List of MART owners read like Who’s Who in Industry and Remanufacturing. Export has become an important part of our business and we take our international customers very seriously.

The international trade is especially appreciative of MART quality and reliability. Power Washer sizes range from small cell cleaning systems to wash machines that handle a load measuring 12 feet (3.66 meters) across (x) 18 feet (5.9 meters) tall, and weigh 30 tons (27.2 metric tons).

Because MART offers 34 basic models with many variations, and 104 engineered options for each MART model, MART can produce over 5 million uniquely configured Power Washers without a single duplication. The extensive product line maximizes the usefulness and benefits of MART Systems so that MART customers – worldwide – are always assured that their cleaning systems are configured precisely for the application.

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