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Quality at MART - Final Inspection Report

The Section titled QUALITY AT MART explains how MART makes every effort to deliver quality systems to its customers. No easy task, considering the 34 Power Washer models with many variations, and 104 options to choose from.

The entire MART Product Line and each option are engineered. MART engineering files contain thousands of AutoCAD drawings, many in 3-D, and each one updated and kept current. This has enabled MART to establish manufacturing assembly techniques for each subassembly and, in turn, each Power Washer system or EQ-1 Processor. Specific purchased components are inspected and pre-tested prior to installation. During critical stages of the manufacturing process, subassemblies, panels and components are tested again. The testing and inspections continue as a Power Washer or EQ-1 Processor is being built. Electrical Panels, for example, are bench tested before being installed.

When a Power Washer or Processor is assembled and painted, it goes through a rigorous Final Inspection that can take a day or more to complete. All test data are recorded and incorporated into the customer's file, and these records are retained as long as the equipment is in service. In the case of a Power Washer, this could be 25 to 30 or more years. Imagine that, after 15 or 20 years, an owner needs details to service or repair his MART. We have the data at our fingertips. We also have the spare parts components in inventory for the first Power Washers manufactured.

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The MART MACHINE FINAL INSPECTION REPORT FORM is an 11 page document that must be completed by the Quality Inspector before a MART system can ship. The Inspector reports directly to the General Manager and works independently of the factory and Technical Services. By reviewing the report you will find that the Inspector can stop a shipment for a paint blemish or grinding mark, or an edge that was not ground smooth. In almost every case, the corrections to be made on a completed machine, no matter how complex the machine might be, are minor.

The engineering, fabricating, assembly and testing are the primary reasons why MART systems hold up so well, and why most of the 7,600 Power Washers MART has built over the past 31 years are still in daily service, cleaning parts for rebuilding and new manufacturing applications.

MART Power Washers and EQ-1 Processors are Built With Pride .. and Installed With Confidence.

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