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Power Washer - Manifold System

THREE OSCILLATING MANIFOLD SYSTEMS: Patented and patent pending oscillating Manifold Systems blast from the top down, bottom upward, and across the cabinet to create nine or more unique angles of impingement against the parts surfaces. As the wash load moves, the Manifolds oscillate on their vertical and/or horizontal axes, making a 40 to 46 degree sweep and return every 15 seconds, throughout the wash cycle. Movement is not synchronized to the rotational speed of the turntable, tumbler basket or forward travel of the conveyor, so that every surface of the wash load is blasted from a different angle each time it passes the Manifold.

NOZZLE SYSTEM: High impact V-Jet and "0" degree patterns, Stainless Steel, aimed and spaced for overall coverage and set so each nozzle blasts on its own plane and cannot intersect with, or deflect, other nozzles in system.

Industry Leader in Aqueous Parts Washer Technology

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