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Power Washer - Plumbing System

Each Pump System is engineered to provide specific flow and pressure characteristics. The pump manufacturer proves the operating parameters and reports the performance of the pump in a Pump Curve. A pump never performs to the full capacity indicated by the Pump Curve because of suction and discharge losses caused by the plumbing. The losses, if the plumbing system is not carefully engineered and installed, can be significant.

To ensure maximum performance of its Pumps, MART designs its Plumbing Systems with oversized pipes to reduce friction losses, and utilizes the minimum number of bends, couplings, unions and elbows to deliver solution from the Pump System to the Nozzles. Each transition, from the Pump Discharge to the Nozzles, is smooth.

To further improve the efficiency of the Plumbing Systems the pore size of Pump Suction Strainer is slightly smaller than the orifice diameter of the Nozzles, so particles that pass thru the Suction Strainer will also pass thru the Nozzles to minimize clogging. For all practical purposes, this design renders MART Plumbing Systems self-cleaning.

Note a comprehensive discussion of Pump Systems and losses in Pump Technology.

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