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CYCLONE 30 Retractable Turntable
Designed for automotive shops that rebuild engines, transmissions, and components, the Cyclone 30 is an auto parts washer that can prewash a complete engine before dismantling.  Of course, its power has also made it popular for applications like cleaning diesel heads and components and aircraft bearings for recycling.  It is also ideal for work cells in new manufacturing applications because it is a closed loop system that can wash, fresh water rinse and apply RP without discharging solution for treatment or disposal.  The Cyclone 30 is available with a retractable turntable, single lift door, or double lift door as well as Hi-Profile model that has a 55” tall work height.


CYCLONE 30 Retractable Turntable

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Features & General Construction:


Closed Loop Zero Discharge


Wash Pump Suction Strainer


Adjustable Thermostat


Temperature Gauge


24 Hour 7 Day Clock


Low Water System Shut-Off


Door Safety Interlock


Wash Cycle Timer


Sheet Steel Cabinet Thickness

7 ga

230 V or 460 V 60 Hz, 3-Ph Controls


Automatic Water Level Control & Refill


Power Blast Manifold:




Angle of Oscillation

39 degrees

Frequency of Oscillation

4 per minute

Number of Wash Nozzles


Type of Nozzle


Nozzle Material

316 Stainless

Nozzle Spray Pattern

25 degrees


Overall Dimensions:


Width ( Standard Unit )

66 inches

Depth ( Standard Unit )

67 inches


78 inches 

Empty Weight

3,100 lbs

Reservoir Capacity

130 gallons

Duplex Reservoir Add 47 gallons

Sludge Capacity

37 gallons


Work Area Dimensions:


Turntable Diameter

30 inches

Work Height

40 inches

Table Load Capacity

1,000 lbs

Heavy Duty Capacity

1,500 lbs

Heat System:


Operating Temperature

165 - 180 degrees F

Initial Heat-Up Time

45 – 60 minutes

Element Size

30 kW




Motor Rating

Continuous Duty

Motor Starters

Across the Line



Short Circuit Protection




Overall Protection


Wiring Conduit

Flex Non-Metallic

Motor Type


Type of Conduit

Liquidtight NEMA 12


Pump System & Performance:


High Efficiency, Rated for continuous duty (20 Start/hour without overheating), vertical, centrifugal, seal-less, balanced, enclosed impeller.  Note:  All performance data taken at nozzle tip.


10 Horsepower
Total System Flow 180 gpm
Flow per Nozzle 11.3 gpm
System Pressure 75 psi
Blast Velocity 105 ft/sec


20 Horsepower
Total System Flow 221 gpm
Flow per Nozzle 13.8 gpm
System Pressure 112 psi
Blast Velocity 129 ft/sec
30 Horsepower
Total System Flow 256 gpm
Flow per Nozzle 16.0 gpm
System Pressure 152 psi
Blast Velocity 150 ft/sec
40 Horsepower
Total System Flow 268 gpm
Flow per Nozzle 16.8 gpm
System Pressure 165 psi
Blast Velocity 156 ft/sec
55 Horsepower (duplex)
Total System Flow 303 gpm
Flow per Nozzle 18.9 gpm
System Pressure 212 psi
Blast Velocity 177 ft/sec
Optional Features:
  • Turntable upgrade 
  • Short High Impact Manifold (SHIM)
  • Pump Sound Insulation
  • Pump Amp Meter
  • Cabinet Thermal Insulation
  • Auto Rinse Cycle (includes ASE)
  • Auto Steam Exhaust (ASE)
  • Rust Inhibitor Injector Pump
  • Steam Exhaust PVC Kit 
  • High Output Electric Heat + 15 kW
  • Internal Reservoir Cover
  • Remote Grease Fittings 
  • Auto Oil Skimmer
  • Heated Oil Skimmer
  • Sludge Drag Out Conveyor + 10" to ht
  • Parts Basket - large pore with lid
  • 5,000 lb Ratchet Strap to secure parts
  • Turntable Fixture Kit
  • Hot Air Blow-Off 3 hp and 30 kW
  • Hour Meter
  • Turntable Jog
  • Gas Heat Source
  • EQ-1 Wastewater Treatment System
  • Industrial Control Package
  • Stretched Machine Wk Height Mild Steel
  • Stretched Machine Work Height Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet   
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger


* NOTE: All Models available in Load Capacities Two to Three Times Greater.

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