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EQ-1 Wastewater Processing

EQ-1 Manual or Fully Automatd Systems Available


EQ-1 Manual or Fully Automated Systems Available

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Features & General Construction:


Low Water Discharge Pump Shut-Off


Sheet Steel Cabinet Thickness

7 ga

120 V - 60 Hz, Single-Phase Controls


Rinse System to flush upper tank


Site Glass for solution level detection


Ground Fault Interrupter for safety


Discharge Pump (1/3 hp, 30 gpm @ 10 ft)


Mixer w 304SS blade & shaft (3/4 hp, 3,600 rpm)


Forklift Pockets in Base


Filter Media (250 yard roll) Standard
50 lbs Magic Dust Standard

Chemically resistant epoxy coating


Overall Dimensions:

Standard Unit
250 Gallon
Width 68"
Depth 52"
Height 78"
Empty Weight 1200 pounds
Upper Mixing Tank Capacity 125 gallons
Lower Mixing Tank Capacity 125 gallons

Extended Unit:
375 Gallon
Width 68"
Depth 82"
Height 78"
Empty Weight 1400 pounds
Upper Mixing Tank Capacity 125 gallons
Lower Mixing Tank Capacity 250 gallons
500 Gallon
Width 68"
Depth 112"
Height 78"
Empty Weight 1600 pounds
Upper Mixing Tank Capacity 125 gallons
Lower Mixing Tank Capacity 375 gallons



Motor Rating

Continuous Duty

Motor Starters

Across the Line



Short Circuit Protection




Overall Protection


Wiring Conduit

Flex Non-Metallic

Motor Type


Type of Conduit

Liquidtight NEMA 12

  • Processing Cost - Average Cost is Under $20 per 55 gallon drum
  • Processing Time - 20-25 minutes for 125 gallons
  • Steps - One-step processing
  • Clarified Solution - Reused indefinitely or Magic Dust can be formulated for sewer disposal
  • Cleaning Chemical - Up to 85% of active chemical recycled
  • Water Content of Waste - Less than 10% prior to curing
  • Waste Volume - Less than 10% of treated batch
  • Disposal - May be eligable for non-hazardous landfill disposal

Optional Features:

  • Transfer pump and cart assembly. Two inch diameter flap valve air operated diaphragm pump mounted on cart with swivel casters and brakes. Has fifteen foot inlet hose and fifteen foot outlet hose with 1.5 inch male and female quick disconnects to mate with EQ-1 processor. Pump has adjustable flow rate up to 140 gpm.
  • Locking casters. Heavy duty casters mounted to lower reservoir for easy movement between work sites. Brakes and lowered center of gravity maximize safety and minimize tip over.
  • *ION Exchange Final Polishing System. Pre Filter with depth wound carbon cartridge and ION Exchange chamber with 0.5 cubic feet resin. Filters dissolved metals such as calcium, chromium, lead, nickel, zinc, copper, etc. from discharge at flow rates up to 90 gal/hr. Effluent may be suitable for discharge. Magnetically coupled pump, refillable resin chamber, flow control gage & valve, and discharge hose.
  • Hose assembly. Chemically resistant hose 1.5" x 15' long with male and female quick disconnect fittings. Mates with EQ-1 inlet and discharge ports.

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