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HURRICANE 84 ExT Clamshell Style
The Hurricane 84 ExT was engineered to wash 16 and 20 cylinder EMD, GE, ALCO and other locomotive crankcases because is it capable of extremely fast and thorough soil removal that eliminates the need for secondary cleaning steps.

Many configurations and variations with this model.

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Features & General Construction:


Closed Loop Zero Discharge:


Wash Pump Suction Filter:


Adjustable Thermostat:


Temperature Gauge:


24 Hour 7 Day Clock:


Low Water System Shut-Off:


1/4 inch Sheet Steel Cabinet Walls


Wash Cycle Timer:


Automatic Water Level Control & Refill:


230 V or 460 V- 60 Hz, 3-Ph Controls:


Electronic Door Safety Interlock:


Power Blast Manifold:




Angle of Oscillation:

40 degrees

Frequency of Oscillation:

4 per minute

Number of Wash Nozzles - 70hp:


Number of Wash Nozzles - 140hp:


Nozzle Material & Style:

316 Stainless V-Jet

Nozzle Spray Pattern (PBM):

25 degrees

Nozzle Spray Pattern (SHIM):

15 degrees

Overall Dimensions:

Width:  (Std Unit) 212 inches  
Width: (with Scraper) 248 inches
Depth:   140 inches  
Height: (Std Unit) 261 inches
Height: (Scraper) 271 inches
Empty Weight (approx): 28,680 lbs
Reservoir (Std Unit): 620 gallons
Sludge Capacity: 135 gallons
Reservoir (Scraper): 760 gallons

Work Area Dimensions:

Turntable Diameter: 84 inches
Work Height: 112 inches
Table Load Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Heavy Duty Capacity: 30,000 lbs

Heat System:


Operating Temperature:

140 - 190 degrees F

Electric Element Size:

120 kW

High Output Electric Heat (optional)

160 kW

Electric Initial Heat-Up Time:

90-120  minutes

Gas/Propane Heat-up Time (Eclipse):

60-90  minutes


Motor Starters:

Across the line

Short Circuit Protection:


Overload Protection:


Motor Type:


Motor Rating:

Continuous Duty

Enclosure - Motor:


Enclosure - Electrical:


Wiring Conduit:

Flex- Non-Metallic

Type of Conduit:

Liquidtight NEMA 12


Pump System & Performance:


Low speed high flow suction pump feeds high speed high pressure wash pump. High Efficiency, Rated for continuous duty (20 Start/hour without overheating), vertical, centrifugal, seal-less, balanced, enclosed impellers.



STANDARD (Duplex):
10 Horsepower
Total System Flow: 489 gpm
Flow per Nozzle: 15.3 gpm
System Pressure: 138 psi
Blast Velocity: 143 ft/sec

UPGRADE (Quadroplex):

140 Horsepower
Total System Flow: 978 gpm
Flow per Nozzle: 15.3 gpm
System Pressure: 138 psi
Blast Velocity: 143 ft/sec
Available Options:    
  • Auto Steam Exhaust
  • Auto Rinse Cycle / Steam Exhaust Package
    • Rinse Water becomes make-up water
    • Heated fresh water rinse
    • Auto Steam Exhaust (ASE) Venturi
  • Rust Inhibitor Injection Pump
  • Insulation - Thermal & Sound: 1 inch polymer
  • Cabinet Insulation Sheath: 16 ga sheet
  • Air Blow-Off System- Heated or Ambient
  • Manifold or Turntable "On-Off" Switch
  • Export Package - all Voltages, 50 or 60 Hz
  • ANSI/NFPA Industrial Package
  • Parts Basket
  • Steam Heat\
  • Filtration systems - In-Line or Loop
  • Gas/Propane Heat Source (Eclipse):
    • Forced Air Electronic Ignition
    • Heat Rate: 950,000 BTU / hr
    • SS Cabinet & Weted Parts



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