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MART Pass Thru Power Washers are engineered for extreme reliability and uptime, low maintenance, and long economic life. The MART system overcomes the poor cleaning performance that is inherent in a conventional pass through washing machine design with stationary nozzles.

The deficiency with a conventional pass through parts washer is explained as follows:

When a wash load rotates on a turntable, each surface is hit by solution from each nozzle, again and again, with each revolution of the turntable. In a conventional pass through machine, because the wash load continues its forward movement on the conveyor system and the nozzles are stationary, each surface is hit once by each nozzle. If it were determined that each parts surface required, for example, four impingements (or hits by each nozzle) to meet the cleaning standards, then the pass through washer would need four times more nozzles to achieve the same cleaning result as a turntable style machine. And ten impingement events would require ten times more nozzles. Adding nozzles is not possible without increasing pump size and performance. If the nozzles were increased by four times, then the pump system might be four times larger to accommodate the flow. While theoretically possible, the operating cost and maintenance would be considerable so that none of this is practical.

The only variable in a conventional pass through parts washer is to increase residence time by slowing down the conveyor. To meet higher cleaning requirements and standards, the conveyor might move at a snail's pace.

MART overcomes the problem of conventional pass through washers with its patented non-synchronous Oscillating Manifold Systems:

Each MART Pass Thru has two sets of Power Blast Manifolds, one Manifold oscillating on its vertical axis, and the second Manifold oscillating on its horizontal axis. The Oscillations are faster than the forward speed of the conveyor so that each nozzle will hit each surface at least three times before that surface moves beyond the nozzles. Because the Manifold movements are on two planes, each surface is impinged nine times from nine different angles to provide the same cleaning results that are possible in a turntable style washing machine.

Variable Speed Conveyor system in the Pass Thru shown on the right is set vertically. Parts are hung on brackets. The parts being cleaned are stamped sheet metal assemblies with flanges that have large inside passageways. The oscillating Power Blast Manifolds blast inside and outside at the same time to ensure that all surfaces are clean and ready for painting without further preparation. MART configures each Pass Thru for the specific application so that the cleaning requirements are consistently met.

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