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MART Sludge Pump and Transfer System

Diaphragm Sludge Pump System is specifically engineered to pump sludge, mud, slurry and other thick liquids commonly found in Power Washer. Sludge Pump transfers wastewater from Power Washer Reservoir to storage drums or into EQ-1 Processor and, after wastewater is processed, returns clarified solution and chemical to Power Washer for reuse. Operation is fast and reliable, and virtually service free.

Sludge Pump System is self-priming and can run dry and be stalled or deadheaded without damage. Intrinsically safe operation with compressed air to eliminate potential for explosion or electrical shock.

Sludge Pump System includes chemically resistant high temp hoses that are designed to transfer hot liquids without collapsing. Quick disconnect hose fittings make set-up and storage a snap. Cart-mounted with casters for easy movement to the Power Washer. Integral Hose Storage Rack makes compact package when not in use.

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