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Auto Turntable/Swivel Bearings Lubrication

Helps ensure that critical bearings are lubricated according to a preset operating schedule. The Automatic Lubrication System consists of the following:

  • Grease reservoir
  • Pneumatically driven Grease Pump
  • Grease Dividing Valve
  • Pneumatic Control Valve
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
  • Control Panel

Air Solenoid Valve repeatedly cycles open and closed for a timed duration. Each opening and closing of Solenoid Valve activates one stroke of Grease Pump. Grease is pumped from Reservoir to Grease Dividing Valve. The Dividing Valve causes the predetermined amount of grease to flow from the Pump to each bearing. Grease lines carry the grease flow from the dividing valve to each lubrication point:

  • Turntable upper and lower bearings
  • PBM swivel bearings

Automatic Lubrication System is controlled by an electronic programmable Controller located inside Control Panel mounted next to the Grease Pump. A counter in the Controller counts wash cycles and initiates a lubrication cycle after a preset number of completed wash cycles. The duration of the lubrication cycle is also programmable via the controller. NOTE: Counter is pre-set at MART to provide automatic lubrication after 5 wash cycles. Factory preset for 5 cycles.

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