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Oil Skimmers


  • Continuous closed loop recycling system – skim and remove free oil during washing
  • Tough steel coalescing Media is washable for reuse in MART washer
  • Solids accumulation zone with drain
  • Adjustable cylindrical oil skimmer
  • Clean water effluent chamber
  • Inlet diffuser for improved separation
  • Material of construction Compatible with wash chemicals
  • High Temperature (190°F) resistant - capable of operation during washing
  • Floating weir pulls solution from surface for maximum separation
  • Large lid allows access to the coalescing pack and rotary skimmer
  • It leaves no visible sheen and collects solids
  • Pre-engineered, prepackaged and integrated with MART Washer


Use of a coalescer can:

  • Cut cleaning times considerably,
  • Reduce labor and chemical costs,
  • Reduce the volume of treated wastewater, and
  • Simplify the overall cleaning process.
  • Reduce clean out of washer by up to 60%


  • 190 degree max temperature rating – compatible with most alkaline chemicals
  • 5 gpm Design flow rate remove oil to 20 ppm, 30-micron size
  • ½” NPT – 190 degree F Stainless steel Air Operated Diaphragm circulation pump


Uses simple and well know principals to accomplish its goals. An AOD pump pulls and suspended and free-floating oils from washer surface and pumps them into coalescing chamber. Diffuser spreads and slows flow through the matrix of vertically-postioned coalescing oil/water separator imparting laminar flow characteristics to the solution. Larger oil droplets migrate to the surface to be collected and skimmed off. The high surface area coalescing pack attracts and agglomerates smaller droplets until they are large globules and buoyant enough to float to the surface. An adjustable rotary weir skimmer picks accumulated oil from the surface and deposits in receptacle for disposal. Capped drain allows removal of any accumulated solids that sink. Gravity flow returns cleaned effluent to the washer reservoir.

MART Coalescing Oil Removal System

Coalescing efficiency is improved during periods when solutions are cooler such as non-production hours. Non-emulsifying cleaners must be used to take advantage of coalescer technology.

Pump Transfer System from Washer to Coalescing Oil Removal System

Surface Float Control and Pump Inlet to Oil Coalescing System

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