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Heat Source Options

Steam Heat System: Provides heating operation from 30 PSI to 100 PSI steam supply (other steam supply pressures and hot water heating systems are available).

High Output Electric Heat System: Adds additional heating element to shorten heat-up time and provide higher cleaning cycle temperatures. Provides heat-up less than 1.50 hours for 120° F temperature rise and operating temperature of 185° F and higher. Performance equivalent to gas heat systems.

Gas/Propane Heat: High heat input system for shorter heat-up time, high wash temperatures and faster recovery times. Provides forced air electronic ignition burner in immersion fired heat exchanger system. Heat transfer efficiency is 78 percent (min). Flue Control Damper is included to allow easy installation and adjustment of burner system. High Limit Temperature Controller is also included that utilizes a thermocouple mounted in flue to constantly monitor flue gas temperature and shut down system in case of overheating.
High Velocity High Efficiency Eclipse Industrial Burner System: Provides maximum heat input for high cycle rates, extremely short heat-up times, maximum wash temperatures and minimum recovery times. Easy to adjust rugged Industrial Burner System with maximum efficiencies and minimal emissions.

  • Eclipse maintains combustion service organizations throughout the world to provide technical service, start-up, and initial adjustment.
  • Increases the operating efficiency by as much as 14 percent.
  • Dual safety shut-off valve train, hi-low gas pressure safety limit switches, and safety combustion air pressure switch.
  • Can be FM, IRI, CSA and CE approved.
  • Easy to service and extremely rugged.
  • High-low fire system further increases the operating temperature and recovery time, even in high altitudes.
  • Eliminates the seasonal readjustments.

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