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Industrial Control Package

Electrical system designed and built to ANSI/NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery – Latest Revisions. Assurance of reliability and safety stems from an electrical system that meets one of the most stringent design standards in the world.

Touch Safe Panel construction with IEC Starters and electronic adjustable overloads.

Main Electrical Disconnect sized for full load of Power Washer to allow easy, cost effective installation to the requirements of the National Electric Code. Enables safe entry into electrical enclosure for easy safe adjustment and servicing of equipment. Disconnect is required within site of the machine by the NEC.

Labeling of all devices to NFPA 79 Codes for ease of maintenance and service.

Turntable Jog feature allows easy positioning and inspection of load after wash cycle. Has Control Panel-mounted Heavy Duty Industrial NEMA 12 Pushbutton Switch for reliability.

7-Day Clock Override feature provides simple system bypass operation on non-programmed days. Also controls duration and cycling times of Oil Skimmer option.

Control Panel-mounted heavy-duty Industrial NEMA 12 lever-type Operator Switch for reliable system activation.

Hour Meter maintains total operating time of Power Washer to monitor and establish preventative maintenance and service schedules.

Cabinet lifting lugs for easy installation in plant via overhead lifting.

Dual Door Position Lock to stabilize Turntable for safer loading and unloading, and for clean-outs and servicing of Reservoir. For time saving, Lock is spring loaded and is easily operated from Door Handle.

2 inch Reservoir Drain with cap located at low point of reservoir for simplified clean out. Provides connection to EQ-1 Wastewater Treatment System.

Fresh Water Back Flow Check Valve to meet most local codes for potable water supply connection.

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