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Oil Skimmers

OIL SKIMMER -Disk type- 12" or 18" Diameter

Industrial quality skimmer with stainless steel Disc cannot warp from hot wash solution. Stainless steel Wiper Blades are replaceable. Provided with Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated Fan (TENV) so that less deformer and solutions are removed fractional horsepower Gear Motor with reliability that far exceeds commonly available skimmer motors. Control Panel-mounted switch allows "ON", "OFF", and "AUTO" mode selection. Automatic mode controlled by 7-day clock to program operating periods during non-washing periods when solution has cooled and skimming is most efficient.
Note that nighttime skimming is most effective because oils float to the surface for removal, and defoamer settles into wash solution so that less defoamer is removed in the skimming process.

OIL SKIMMER-DISC Type with Heated Discharge
Same rugged industrial skimmer as above plus heating system on the scraping blades and discharge chute. Heated Skimmer prevents oil and grease from spilling over side of discharge chute onto shop floor. Electric heating strips sealed on underside of chute provide heat. Insulation reduces external surface temperature of discharge chute and directs the heat towards chute. System is especially useful in all applications where large quantities of oil and grease are generated by the wash process.

OIL SKIMMER - Belt Type 1" & 4" wide

Continuous Loop Systems. Four inch Skimmer model can be provided with Heated Trough.

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