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Individually Available Options

  • Cabinet lifting lugs for easy installation in plant via overhead lifting.

  • Turntable Jog feature allows easy positioning and inspecting of load after wash cycle. Control Panel-mounted Heavy Duty Industrial NEMA 12 Pushbutton Switch for reliability.

  • Hour Meter maintains total operating time of Power Washer to monitor and establish preventative maintenance procedures.

  • Pump Amp Meter

  • Large and Small Parts Baskets Mild steel with lid and lifting bar 20"x20"x16"

  • Tie Down Strap & Ratchet Assembly (ea), MART Part No 51001: Heavy duty nylon web Strap 2.0 inches wide x 11 ft long with hooks at each end, 5,000 lb rated and resistant to chemical attack and abrasion. Strap & Ratchet Assembly binds parts or baskets to turntable hooks and eyes to secure parts for washing. Ratchet enables secure tightening of wash load.

  • Baskets of various sizes, in mild or stainless steel, and plastic coated.

  • Turntable Liners Plastic coated mesh protects parts from contact with steel turntable.

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