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Sludge/Surface Scraper

Forms base of Power Washer. Sludge Scraper consists of Scraper Blades set perpendicular to the Cabinet to drag the bottom of the Reservoir. Scraper Blades are bolted to pair of heavy continuous loop sprocket-mounted chains and powered by a TEFC Gear Reduction motor with Torque Limiter protection to prevent damage in event of a jam. A forward-reverse jog is provided to free up Blades if jam occurs. With AirLift Option (shown below), as Scraper Blades break through surface of solution, floating masses are also skimmed and pulled up Discharge Chute that extends from Cabinet at a 45-degree angle. Tamper Blade wipes waste from Scraper Bars to prevent return of sludge to Reservoir.
System removes sludge and floating masses from Reservoir and deposits waste in a bin or barrel for disposal. Benefits of system are extended solution life and consistently better cleaning results.


Maximizes removal of surface waste. Air-powered circulation system moves floating waste towards Scraper Bars, and circulates solution in reservoir for improved heat-up and recovery times. Solution is "lifted" from the bottom of the Reservoir and moved across surface of solution towards the Scraper Bars. Floating waste is forced toward the Bars, lifted out of the solution and dragged up the scraper trough with the sludge that is dragged from the bottom.


Small Surface Scraper collects floating masses of waste, such as cosmoline, crater compound and synthetic grease and oil, and deposits the waste into a container for disposal. Floating contaminants are lifted up an incline to allow solution to drain back into Reservoir. Waste is mechanically wiped off the Scraper Blades to maximize removal of waste from solution.

Scraper is driven by fractional horsepower TEFC electric Gear Motor. Scraper has "ON", "OFF" and "AUTO" controls with program times and a power supply.

Scraper is removable to provide access to washer reservoir. System includes a Directional Air Flow that consists of several nozzles powered by compressed air that direct floating contaminants toward scraper. System also has electric solenoid valve to automatically turn on air supply during scraper operating times. Compressed air @60 PSI and 40 CFM, and filter and regulator are supplied by others.

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