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Aircraft Wheel Washing

Wheel Washing Specifications

MART installed its first Aircraft Wheel Washers
12 years ago. We studied the equipment then
in use and realized that Power Wash technology
would greatly improve the Wheel Wash process
and the reliability of the equipment. Our study
involved the requirements of the private sector
and military applications as well.

We set our goals to remove, without brushes or other mechanical devices that are subject to wear and require replacement, rubber bead and mastic, bearing grease, embedded carbon dust and silica deposits. Paint removal, while optional, is possible but depends on the type of paint used.

MART partnered with several major R&O Shops in both the private sector and the military. CEE BEE, the primary chemical supplier for this market, came to MART to create a partnership to supply chemicals for the industry. We experimented and tested, and installed and monitored the performance of our Power Wash Systems. The result of this effort is a line of Wheel Washers that meets all the industry and military requirements for safe wheel cleaning.

Six Power Washer models are available to clean up to 128 Wheel halves in an 8 hour work shift. The Systems are available in batch or fully automated configurations in mild or stainless steel. For details, e-mail MART at or phone 1-800-543-6278 for specs and quotes, and a User List. Our Applications Specialists will be pleased to assist.

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