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Rolling Mill Equipment Cleaning

MART offers the largest product line of Cabinet-Style Washing Machines, Options and Accessories for all Rolling Mill rebuilding applications. Machine models are available with 14 ft Turntables and 17 ft work heights, and load capacities of 60,000 pounds. The largest MART Power Washers have 140 Horsepower Quadroplex Pumps or the 175 Horsepower MART Duplex to deliver as much as 3-1/2 tons of solution per minute at 600 PSI impact pressure. All Power Washer models are available for batch or automated operation.

MART Power Washers are capable of removing carbon, paint, scale and heavy sludge from Bearing Chocks and Bearings, Segments, Roll parts, electric motors and all other parts and components to standards not possible with conventional Jet Spray Washers or other cleaning methods.

The MART system is capable of Deep Cleaning so that all surfaces within the wash load, even the cavities and deepest recesses that are not readily accessible from the nozzles, wash thoroughly clean. The centermost areas within a complex assembled machine, or a basket of randomly loaded nested parts, comes as clean as the outermost surfaces. The Comparison explains the advantages and benefits of the MART system.

Power Washing replaces ovens and molten salt, hot and cold tanks, jet spray cabinets, hand steamers and pressure wands, and solvent and brushes. The MART system is also EPA and OSHA safe, and meets Federal requirements for Waste Minimization.

The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing system represents a significant breakthrough in wastewater treatment, and is quickly gaining wide acceptance with rebuilders. EQ-1 Wastewater Processors that have been tested and approved by MEEP and are in use throughout the military.

Please Contact a MART Applications Specialist for details.

MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing system

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