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Aircraft Parts Washing

MART offers 34 Power Washer models and 104 Engineered Options, the largest product line of Cabinet-Style Washing Machines, Options and Accessories for all Jet and Piston engine rebuilding applications. Model configurations include Turntable style, Pass Thru, Single and Dual Lift Door, Clamshell and Tumblers. MART Power Washers are engineered for the toughest parts cleaning jobs imaginable. In quick wash cycles a MART Power Washer will remove carbon, paint and primer, scale, varnish, and sludge. Turbines, heads, compressors, blade and vane assemblies, and nozzles and hot sections come clean to the required standards.
The MART system eliminates hand cleaning and several cleaning steps, which are major expenses in aircraft rebuilding. All MART Power Washers, even when fitted with our pre-heated Fresh Water Rinse, are closed loop to eliminate all discharge of solution and rinse water. A MART Power Washer meets all EPA and OSHA requirements, and the Federal goal of waste minimization.

Prewash Aircraft Brakes 10 Minutes -
Disk and Torque Tube are Clean

MART has become the industry leader in Aircraft Wheel Washing. Carbon, rubber bead, mastic and silica deposits are removed from Wheels without brushes (note that brushes cannot reach all the deep recesses). The MART process safely removes these difficult soils by blasting the wheel surfaces with solution at high impact pressure, at a fraction of the capital investment and the lowest operating/maintenance cost of any wheel cleaning method.

Aircraft Wheel Washing

The internal air cooling pathways of first and second stage blades are washed in a MART Power Washer specifically engineered for this application. An entire stage of 64 or 80 blades is wash in a two hour cycle. The operating parameters are: High concentration of KOH, 300+ F, 600 PSI impact pressure at a flow of 6 GPM, or 700 gallons of solution per blade over the two hour wash cycle. The throughput is one blade every 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. No competing method, to our knowledge is faster, more certain or as cost effective.
Prewash Complete Assemblies and Final Wash Components to Highest OEM Standards

The MART system cleans aluminum, titanium, iron and alloy parts, and can replace ultrasonics, vapor degreasers, hot and cold soak tanks, jet spray machines, acid, solvents and wire brushes, and steamers. Power Washers are capable of Deep Cleaning with High Performance Pumps and other Patented Technology.

Please contact a MART Applications Specialist for details.

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