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Electric Motor Parts Cleaning

MART offers 34 Industrial Power Washer models and 104 Engineered Options, the largest product line of Cabinet-Style Washing Machines, Options and Accessories for all electric motor rebuilding applications. MART Power Washers are engineered for the toughest parts cleaning jobs imaginable. In quick cycles the MART system will safely remove all soils from stators, armatures, rotors, shafts,
housings, end bells, gear reducers and parts, squirrel cages and other parts. Without damage to windings or aluminum.

The MART system is capable of Deep Cleaning so that all surfaces within the wash load, even the area between the windings and inside of the case, wash thoroughly clean. The center of a basket of randomly loaded nested parts comes as clean as the outermost surfaces. The Comparison explains the advantages and benefits of the MART system.

Power Washing will consistently remove the toughest soils in fast cycles. In every case, the cleaning standards are met. MART has developed a chemical line that will safely wash motor parts without damage and will not contaminate the windings.

The MART Technical Services Group understands the unique requirements of electric motor parts cleaning. MART can also furnish the chemicals to ensure excellent cleaning results without leaving chemical residue that could cause shorts and failures.

MART Power Washers also meet all EPA and OSHA regulations, and provide a healthy and safe environment for the employees.

Shops operating MART Power Washers report that labor and cleaning costs are reduced by 60 percent or more. Productivity increases are reflected by faster turnaround and higher profits.

The MART HURRICANE 84 Power Washer with Vacuum Dryer is typical of the MART Line.

Cycle time for prewash is 12 minutes, and all surfaces exposed to air are clean including traction motor pinion gear, commutator, brush holders and insulators. Final wash of individual components runs 20 minutes at most and all surfaces, even between the windings and case, and end bells, are clean and free of all contaminant. Dryer has a pulse system that cuts drying time by one-half.

Please contact a MART Applications Specialist for details.

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