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Electrical Systems

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS & CONSTRUCTION: Systems have standard components, relays and timers, or PLC controllers, for all operating functions. PLC Controllers are available with multiple operating recipes. Built to meet NEMA and NEC Codes. Systems that comply with ANSI/NFPA 79 Codes are also available. All electrical components are UL-Approved. Each wiring run outside Main Panel is encased in one-piece flexible electrical conduit that terminates in compression moisture-proof fittings at both ends. Single-phase transformer for electronic controls is mounted in its own enclosure to reduce heat build-up in Main Panel.

MAIN PANEL: NEMA 12 rated enclosure, dust and oil tight with compression gasket seal. All flexible conduit runs terminate inside Main Panel enclosure with compression fittings to ensure integrity of seal.

TIMERS AND CONTROLS: Systems not controlled by PLC have an Electronic 24-Hour, 7-Day Dual Channel Programmable Clock with battery backup to set heating/operation modes. Programmable Clock also controls operation and duration of optional Oil Skimmer. A separate manual override Switch is provided to allow heating/operation on non-operating days. Wash Timer is 30-Minute Adjustable Interval Timer located on exterior of Main Panel. Timers are also provided for operation of optional Auto Rinse Cycle/Auto Steam Exhaust, and other options and accessories.

SAFETY: Power Washers with Loading Doors that open outward have a Limit Switch that will shut down and lock out the Pump System when the Door is open. Limit Switch has a Safety Shield to prevent inadvertent tripping and operation of Pump. Emergency Stop Button is prominently mounted and easily accessible. All motor drives and control circuits are positively grounded to Main Panel with screw lugs.

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