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GENERAL. MART has been servicing international customers since 1978. For the international trade, MART offers its "WORLD MODEL" Power Washer systems that provide the same performance (at 50Hz or 60 Hz), quality, reliability, serviceability and technical support to international customers that MART has historically provided for its domestic accounts.

ELECTRICAL. "WORLD MODEL " Power Washers are built to operate on locally available voltage and frequency, and have internally generated 120 volt control systems. MART installs, exclusively, Telemecanique (Square "D"), Omron and other internationally available brands of IEC and/or CE certified components. IEC Circuit Breakers eliminate fuses. Each wiring run is numbered, and a wiring diagram is furnished with each Power Washer to simplify service and repair. Replacement parts for MART machines are readily available throughout the world, regardless of where the MART equipment is installed.

Three small package motors - two gear reduction motors and a steam exhaust fan motor - that are not available internationally, are furnished as part of the "WORLD MODEL Package.

PUMP PERFORMANCE AT 60Hz AND 50Hz. All MART Pump systems are engineered to operate at 1,800 and 3,600 RPM. At 50 Hz a pump would normally run slower, thus reducing the performance of the wash system. To rotate MART Pumps at the engineered design points, MART provides belt drives to convert 50 Hz input to 60 Hz rotation. Thus the Pump performance specs and cleaning standards for 50Hz and 60Hz MART Power Washers are identical.

RELIABILITY, SERVICEABILITY AND QUALITY. MART "WORLD MODEL" machines are built rugged with ASTM A-569 7 ga and ¼ inch sheet steel, and are wire welding with E-70 electrode. Stainless steel construction is also available. The construction materials and industrial-grade components are the finest that money can buy. MART pumps are precision built and balanced for quiet operation and long life. This construction ensures many years maximum uptime and reliability, and trouble-free operation.

MART OPERATING MANUAL. MART provides the most comprehensive Operating Manual in the industry. It covers in greatest detail the function and operation of each Power Washer system and component. The Manual contains a service-maintenance schedule, and explains how the system works and how to repair it. It contains a troubleshooting guide that covers almost any eventuality and repair. When the Manual must be provided in a language other than English, MART can provide an abbreviated version of the Manual that can be translated locally by a translator in the country in which the MART machine will be installed and operated. As an alternative, MART can provide the translation.

TECHNICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT. MART customers worldwide have direct access to MART service technicians. The Tech Service Staff not only understands the function and operation of Power Washers, they know the cleaning processes and applications and can consult on chemical compounds, waste treatment and disposal issues as well. MART Tech Services people are trained to assist and provide solutions to any cleaning-related issue.

EXTENDED MART WARRANTY. MART provides the most comprehensive and liberal Warranty in the industry. This Warranty policy is the same for export and domestic machines. All parts, and labor when applicable, are covered by the MART One Year Factory Warranty, and 50 Hz Belt Drives are warranted for Two Full Years.

EXPORT CUSTOMERS PREFER MART. The overriding reasons for the international success of MART can be summed up in four principles: MART Power Washers consistently clean best of all makes of washing machines; MART systems are designed to operate and be serviced where installed; Power Washers are extremely durable and reliable; and MART technical service support sets the standard by which other service departments are measured and judged.

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