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Pump Systems


MART offers the following Pumps and sizes:

  • 7-1/2, 10, 20, 30 and 40 Horsepower Simplex
  • 55, 70, 125, 150 and 175 Horsepower Duplex (turbo)
  • 140 Horsepower Quadroplex (turbo)

A Simplex Pump produces both flow and pressure. A Duplex or Quadroplex Pump System utilizes one Pump for Suction and a second Pump for High Pressure to maximize the flow and pressure of the Pump System. Duplex and Quadroplex Pump Systems operate at the highest efficiency. For an in-depth explanation of Pump Systems see Pump Technology.

WASH PUMP SPECS (20 HP and larger)

Wash Pump(s) are vertical mounted, industrial type, seal-less design, enclosed impeller centrifugal, rated for continuous duty and 20 starts/hr without overheating. Pump-to-motor mounting(s) are barrel-type to ensure positive coupling alignment without periodic adjustment. Pump design point(s) are at or within plus/minus 25 percent of best efficiency point of pump curve(s) to ensure reduced radial loading, increased life expectancy and quieter operation. Pump(s) can operate without undue vibration, cavitation or pulsation at design point and plus/minus 25 percent of design point, with NPSH required of 7 to 11 feet (max) depending on pump size. Pump(s) are manufactured and tested per Hydraulic Institute (H.I.) Standards, and do not deviate from acceptable performance tolerances set by the H.I.

Pump(s) can pass 1/2 inch solids, and are dynamically balanced to within 0.0074 inch-ounces/ounce for quiet operation and long life. Pump shafts have hardened steel sleeves, and throttle bushings are hardened, machined stainless steel. Bearing frame(s) contain re-greasable, high speed ball bearings rated for a B-10 life of 50,000 hours and are positively locked against machined surfaces with press fit outer race(s) and bearing lock nut(s) on inner race(s) without snap rings. Power Frame(s) utilize one radial and two thrust bearings, press fit onto a one piece machined steel shaft. Impellers are keyed to shaft(s) and held secure with stainless steel impeller nut(s). Pump wet end(s) are all cast iron. Power frame(s) are cast iron.

Coupling(s) are flexible or grid-type with two setscrews in each half: One setscrew engages key with other setscrew at 90 degrees. Coupling halves are press fit onto Pump and Motor shaft(s), with replaceable thrust spiders (flexible-type) or integral grease seals with zerks (grid-type).

OSHA compliant coupling guards are supplied with observation holes.

PUMP MOTOR SPECS (20 HP and larger)

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), TC frame, NEMA design B with Class F Insulation, suitable for across-the-line starting. Motors are rated for continuous duty and are capable of 20 starts per hour without exceeding recommended temperature rise of motor windings. Motors have 1.15 to 1.25 service factor available for intermittent overload conditions. Motor bearing supports are cast iron. Motor bearings are sealed-for-life on motor frames up to 324 TSC; Motor bearings are regreasable on frames above and including 324 TSC.

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