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Short High Impact Manifold (SHIM)

U.S. Patents Pending

The work height of half the MART Power Washers delivered in the past four years was at least 75 inches tall. The height accommodated the tallest units that would be cleaned in the MART system but, for shorter loads such parts in fixtures and baskets of randomly loaded nested parts, the work height was clearly too tall. Nozzles located above the height of a shorter wash load hit the opposite side of the cabinet so that the energy losses were considerable. The SHIM Manifold was developed for Power Washers with tall work areas to maximize the cleaning of shorter wash loads.


1. Full Work Height

2. SHIM deployed

3. Detail of SHIM extended

4. Valves set for SHIM up and SHIM down

HOW THE SHIM WORKS. The SHIM is actually a second Manifold welded to the primary Manifold System. To deploy the SHIM (1) the top section of the SHIM Manifold is lowered to its horizontal position, and (2) a 3-way valve is shifted to redirect the solution flow into the SHIM. The vertical section of the SHIM has the same number of nozzles as the full length PBM. The vertical nozzles are packed closely together and have a tighter spray pattern. Impact pressure increases by 60% for extremely fast and thorough washing, and removal of the toughest soils.

The SHIM is especially useful when stripping carbon, scale and paint from cylinder heads and baskets of parts, and cleaning other shorter wash loads.

A MART Power Washer with the SHIM Manifold is like having two distinctly different washing machines inside one cabinet. In effect, it's the same as having two MART Power Washers for the cost of the SHIM.

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