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Turntable Drive

Turntable is rotated by a Sprocket-Gear Drive System with a TEFC Motor-Gear Reduction Unit and Overload Safety Clutch, externally mounted on cabinet wall. For operator safety to prevent free wheeling when loading and unloading, Turntable locks when Door is open, and can be rotated by a Jog Button on Main Panel. Only Drive Gear is in contact with solution spray. Note horizontal Turntable Lock Release Arm on left lower corner of Door.

Turntable Drive systems are designed for maintenance-free operation and do not require periodic adjustment.

Images at right show Table Sprocket Teeth and Drive Gear, and TEFC Gear Motor with Overload Clutch

Power Washers with load capacity of 30,000 to 60,000 lbs have two Drive Systems. On Single and Dual Lift Door Power Washers, Turntable stops and aligns with outside conveyors at end of wash cycle.

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