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EQ-1 Wastewater Processing - How it Works

The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System is a new technology that removes waste products from solution in one step. EQ-1 will process waste streams from any industrial or rebuilding source. The water is clarified, and can either be returned to its processing machinery and recycled, or sewered. The encapsulated waste most often safe for disposal in a landfill. Several EQ-1 sizes are available to process waste streams of 60 to 375 gallons. Larger EQ-1 systems are also available.

MART process utilizes adsorption and electrostatic forces to encapsulate such waste products as solid and dissolved metals including lead, cadmium and chromium; hydrocarbons; ink and paint; dust and particulate; and minerals including asbestos.
The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System

The encapsulation is so complete that you can read a newspaper through a beaker of clarified solution. The processed waste, after a week or so, cures and sets up like concrete.

When processing waste streams from printing presses and paint booths, MART EQ-1 also removes and adsorbs organic materials.

The ink or paint, organic materials and other waste are encapsulated for disposal, and the water is recycled and remains with the printing press or paint booth.

When sewering is required, the Final Polisher option will remove the last traces of waste.


Three years of R&D went into the development of MART EQ-1. The system has been in continuous use in diverse applications since its development. Over time, many batches of processed waste material have been subjected to the TCLP test. With every batch tested to date, the separation and total encapsulation of waste products has been successful.

The one step MART EQ-1 process replaces ovens, evaporators, centrifuges, filtration systems, presses, and complex multi-step chemical treatment processes. MART EQ-1 complies with all environmental and health/safety regulations for processing and disposal, including the newest stringent California codes and DoD regulations.


The MART EQ-1 Processor is basically a simple mixing vat with two reservoirs, dual separation valves, a mixer, a filter media dispenser, and a transfer pump to return clarified solution to the washing machine reservoir or sewer for disposal.

MAGIC DUST is the catalyst that causes the separation and encapsulation of waste products. To maximize the results, and maintain the lowest possible treatment cost, MAGIC DUST is formulated for each site and each application. Each treatment of a spent solution represents a net gain because the chemicals that are salvaged are worth more than the cost of the MAGIC DUST.

EQ-1 Wastewater Processing works as follows:

  • Spent solution and waste are pumped into the Processor Reservoir,
  • One to three pounds of MAGIC DUST is introduced,
  • An impeller thoroughly mixes the MAGIC DUST and solution,
  • Within minutes, the MAGIC DUST flocculates and totally encapsulates the waste material, separating the waste from solution,
  • A valve is opened to allow clarified solution and chemical to pour through filter medium and into the lower reservoir where a
  • Transfer pump returns the clarified solution and chemical to (a) its source for reuse or (b) a sewer, and
  • A second valve is opened to discharge the encapsulated waste onto same filter medium where the operator wraps it up for automatic drying and disposal.

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