The MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System

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EQ-1 Wastewater Processing - Getting Started

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To begin, a sample of the waste stream is submitted for testing, MART formulates a MAGIC DUST compound to treat the sample, tests the compound on the sample, and furnishes a Treatability Report on the results and dosage rates, along with containers of the clarified solution and encapsulated waste.

During the initial formulating stage, MAGIC DUST is compounded to encapsulate all the components of the waste stream within a broad range so that, if more of a particular waste is present in a subsequent waste stream, the compound will still completely encapsulate the waste.

Each Magic Dust formula is recorded and retained by MART to supply customer reorders. MART recommends periodic testing to ensure that the contaminants in the waste stream and water supply have not changed.

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