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EQ-1 Wastewater Processing - Benefits

Reduces Waste Discharge Volume by 90% on Average
  • Removes and Encapsulates Waste Products
  • Waste Products will meet TCLP Requirements for Non-Regulated Disposal
  • Encapsulated Waste includes Dissolved and Solid Metals; e.g., Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Zinc and Nickel, Minerals, Silica, Hyrdocarbons, Organic Materials, Asbestos and Fibers, Paint and Ink, and other Waste Products
  • Hardens Waste into Solid Dough or Rock-Like Material for Safe Disposal in Landfill
  • Can change Facility to Exempt Small Quantity Generator Status

Recovers up to 85% of Active Chemical to Equipment or Process

  • Each batch processed represents a "net gain" because EQ-1 Processing Expense is always less than value of Chemical Saved and Reduced Disposal Costs

Processes Solution for Recycling or Reuse

  • Returns Clarified Solution to Washing Process or other Equipment
  • Enables alternative uses for Clarified Solution
  • MART can assist to ensure that Waste Minimization Goals are being met

Processes Solution for Disposal

  • Will meet POTW Requirements for Safe Discharge in Sewer

Processes all Non-Saturated Aqueous Waste Streams

  • Most Saturated Solutions can be processed by Dilution

U.S. EPA Tested and Approved for all Industrial Wastewater Processing Applications

  • For most applications, Eliminates keeping of Manifest Records, Audit Trails and other Waste Disposal Compliance Records

Proprietary One Step Processing System

  • Process is Fast, Clean and Operator Friendly, and so simple any Operator can perform Process after viewing Training Video
  • Proprietary Time-Release System Breaks Out Emulsified Oils, Attaches Oils to Polymer, Encapsulates Waste, and Hardens Waste Products via Pozzillanic Curing to prepare Waste for Disposal
  • Keeps Factory and Processing Area Clean
  • Eliminates Thermal and Baking, Evaporators, Filters and Bags, Membranes, Filter Presses, Centrifuges, and other costly and messy processing methods
  • User Testimonials Attest to Benefits of EQ-1 Processing System

Convenient to Store and Set Up

  • Can be Hard Plumbed or Quick Disconnect Hoses Provided for Fast Set Up
  • Batch Systems are Portable via Fork Pockets or Casters for Storage when not in use
  • Can Process Multiple Waste Streams
  • Plugs into 115V 1 ph Electric Outlet for low Energy Consumption

Special MART Services and Custom Applications Engineering Available

  • At no charge, MART tests each Company's Waste Streams in its Lab, formulates specific Magic Dust encapsulating compounds to process the waste, performs the actual tests, and provides a Treatability Report so the Company can know the EQ-1 operating parameters and processing costs to decide viability of MART Process for its applications
  • Each MART Magic Dust Formulation is Site Specific to maximize the benefits of the EQ-1 Process, most often formulated so that one Magic Dust compound can process all Waste Streams in the Plant
  • MART will provide engineering assistance for Unique Applications or Waste Discharge Requirements or Applications
  • MART will assist to ensure that Federal and State Disposal Regulations are being met

Wide Variety of Models and Options Available

  • Batch Processing Capacities Range from 30 to 500 Gallon Systems
  • Automated Systems handle Waste Streams of 50 to 5,000+ Gallons Per Hour
  • All MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing Systems Are Available in 50 Hz World Model Configurations for ease of Installation and Maintenance

For details regarding your specific wastewater recycling and disposal applications,
contact John Freeborn, Manager of Chemical and Environmental Services by e-mail
at or call 1-800-543-MART.

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