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The MART Corporation (MART) warrants that this Power Washer will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and further warrants and agrees to promptly replace all defective parts during Warranty period.

Warranty shall become effective and remain in force for a period of one year following the execution and return to MART of the FIELD STARTUP PROCEDURE (FSP) form that accompanies and is made part of this Warranty. Should owner fail to return said FSP form to MART within 60 days following delivery of said Power Washer, this Warranty will become null and void.

Immediately upon identifying a problem of any kind, owner will notify the MART Technical Service Department. Owner will make such visual inspections and perform such specific tests as directed by MART, and report results of said inspections and tests to MART who will then determine what adjustments, repairs and/or parts replacement are required. If said adjustments, repairs and/or parts replacement can be performed by a shop person with average mechanical skills using commonly available shop tools, then owner will make such adjustments, repairs and/or parts replacement at the direction of MART. If adjustments, repairs and/or parts replacement is deemed by MART to require technical expertise and skills or special tools and equipment, then MART will promptly effect the repair.

When replacement parts are required, MART agrees to dispatch such parts via the fastest means possible to reduce owner's downtime to a minimum. Within 30 days following receipt of replacement parts, owner will return failed parts with MART Return Authorization form to MART for inspection by MART Technical Service Department, If MART determines that failure was caused by negligence of owner, then owner will be invoiced for such replacement parts and handling, said invoice due and payable within 30 days of invoice date. Should owner not pay MART for such replacement parts and handling or neglect to return failed parts when due, then MART warranty on said parts and on any subsequent failures attributable to said replacement parts will be void.

Owner agrees that it will not attempt any adjustment, repair and/or parts replacement without first notifying MART. Should owner attempt such repair without notification to MART, then Warranty shall become void with respect to the specific repair and any subsequent failures attributable to said repair.

Owner agrees it will maintain and service its Power Washer as set forth in the MART Operating Manual and, further, that owner will bear the expense of any adjustments, repairs and/or parts replacement necessitated by negligence on part of owner. Owner agrees it will only use MART - approved chemicals and expendables or their equivalent for warranty to remain in force.

MART and owner agree that MART assumes no liability for loss of business or other losses or expenses sustained by owner that result from non-performance or downtime of Power Washer.

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