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Owner Services - Installation Startup, Commissioning, and Training


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If heat source is natural gas or propane, local or independent gas company will check operating parameters of gas burner to ensure compliance with local codes including combustion, flue gas analysis, stack temperature reading, and incoming primary and secondary gas pressure, and adjust operation of burner as required by the MART and Burner Manuals, and Codes. Field Startup Procedure is conducted on-site by a factory trained and authorized MART Service Technician after MART Power Washer is installed and services are connected to the system.

MART Service Technician performs the following on-site services:

INSPECTION: (A) Inspects Power Washer for hidden shipping damage; (B) inspects installation and verifies that all services are properly installed and meet the specifications of the Services By Others form provided by MART Technical Services; (C) verifies incoming voltage, and line pressure readings (if applicable); (D) checks and tightens loose electrical and other connections throughout Power Washer system, inspects installation of Steam Exhaust and Flue (gas and propane systems); (E) makes adjustments and settings as required; (F) takes amp readings of all circuits, verifies readings against readings taken during factory test prior to shipping, adjusts and corrects as required and, if readings are acceptable, records amperage draw and supply voltage of entire system. Technician also checks for leveling and anchoring; input connections including heat, water, air, and electrical grounding; checks output connections including Auto Steam Exhaust, flue and drain; and checks lubrication and set points of water level control system.

STARTUP (POWER-UP) PROCEDURE: (A) MART Technician fills Power Washer with water and verifies all timer and control settings and makes necessary adjustments, (B) checks pump(s) and other motors for correct rotation, (C) turns on heat and sets timers and controls, (D) charges Power Washer with chemical, (E) cycles Power Washer and Pump to confirm that all systems are operational, and (F) records operation of all systems in FSP.

TRAINING: Buyer then brings together all operators and supervisory personnel for training. MART Technician (A) conducts thorough training on operation and basic service, and chemical training including Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provided by chemical manufacturer (if furnished by MART); (B) demonstrates proper methods of securing parts for washing; (C) trains operators in the basic use of controls, devices and accessories of Power Washer, and explains all functions and operating cycles; (D) demonstrates operation by actually washing parts; and (E) removes parts for inspection by company personnel. Six turntable loads and basket loads will be washed and inspected, followed by a Q&A training session.

The Buyer's service and maintenance staff, if different from Power Washer operators, are then trained on advanced operations/process control for maintenance and repair. MART Service Tech, page-by-page, reviews Operating Manual and Troubleshooting Section, and explains access to MART Technical Services Department to ensure maximum reliability of MART Power Washer.

CERTIFICATION & COMMISSIONING: After MART Technician completes setup and training, and Buyer signs off and accepts the installation and training, MART Technician certifies the installation and initiates the MART Factory Warranty on the MART Power Washer system.


MART is so confident of the value of the Field Startup that MART will only accept payment for this service if the Buyer is completely satisfied with the services provided.

To learn the details or arrange for a MART Field Startup, phone  MART Tech Services at 1-800-543-6278 for details or contact us by E-Mail.

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