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RETROFITS - MART Power Washers

MART does not believe in obsolescence. Most of the 7,000 MART Power Washers manufactured since 1971 are still in daily service .. cleaning parts. MART makes every effort to support these systems with parts and service, and with updates to the greatest extent possible.

MART has developed considerable technology since the first Power Washers were built. Every effort is made to engineer the improvements so they can be installed on the earliest MART systems. Owners are encouraged to contact the MART Technical Services Department for a list of upgrades that are available.

RETROFITS INCLUDE: Pump Conversions to larger and more efficient Pump Systems, Turntable Drive Conversions from Pneumatic Friction Wheel to Gear-Sprocket System with Clutch Overload, Electronic Hi-Lo Water Level Controls, Power Blast Manifold Upgrades and Conversions, MART-Built Industrial Grade Programmable Oil Skimmers in small and large Stainless Steel Disk Configurations with Ambient or Heated Troughs, and Upgrades to Latest Electric Panels and Components and ANSI/NFPA 79 Codes - Latest Revisions.

FACTORY REBUILD SERVICES: MART can overhaul a Power Washer at its factory and bring the system to current standards. Field upgrades and field overhauls are also available.

PURCHASING A USED MART POWER WASHER: When a MART Power Washer changes hands, MART Tech Services will assist the new owner with setup and training, and parts and retrofits as might be required to maximize the benefits of the system. Many of the services are free, and new owners are encouraged to contact MART Tech Services for assistance.

Development of new retrofits and upgrades is ongoing. As the requirements of a Power Washer change over time, MART Tech Services can also add features to existing Power Washers that were not included in the original manufacture. These improvements can be added in the field or, if the work is extensive, at the factory. Contact MART Tech Services for details.


When you need MART performance, it is not always necessary to purchase a MART Power Washer. If you have a Jet Spray machine and the cabinet is sound, MART may be able to remove the Jet Spray components and replace them with MART systems. This enables you to save 25% to 50% of the cost of a new MART and still end up with MART performance.

With minor engineering MART can retrofit almost any Jet Spray Washer with:

  • MART High Efficiency Simplex or Duplex Pump System
  • MART oscillating Power Blast Manifold
  • MART Gear-Sprocket Turntable Drive System
  • MART Electronic Hi-Low Water Float Controls
  • MART Electronic Circuitry and Controls
  • MART Stainless Steel Disk Oil Skimmer

Turnaround time for completion is usually less than six weeks. For more information on MART  support and its service policy, Contact MART Tech Services by e-mail at or fax 314-567-3705 or phone direct to 1-888-720-7222.

Popular Retrofits and Upgrades for MART Power Washers

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