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MART recognizes the need for maximum uptime of its Power Washers and provides the most liberal Warranty offered by the Industry. All components are covered for one year and, on the condition that the buyer agrees to maintain the Power Washer according to the MART Service Schedule, then MART often extends its warranty to two full years at no added cost. Stainless Steel cabinets are warranted for 12 years. The warranty is all-inclusive, and critical repair parts are sent via next day air at MART's expense.

In the unlikely event that a MART Service Technician is required, the Tech will arrive at the installation site within 48 hours after it is agreed between the owner and MART that a Technician is required. If the failure is covered by the Warranty, the entire expense is borne by MART. This determination is made after the Power Washer is back in service.

Warranties vary greatly within the Industry. Some washer makers rely on the warranties of the component manufacturers and refer their customers to the manufacturers for service-under-warranty. Others publish one year warranties when only select components are warranted for a year. Most washing machine companies require that the failed parts be returned for inspection before replacement parts are furnished. The downtime waiting for repair parts can be considerable.

When comparing washing machines, as part of the selection and decision-making process, MART suggests that the buyer studies the published warranties of the washer makers. An additional benefit, and possibly the most important, is that the warranty policy indicates the confidence a washer maker has in its equipment.

Contact MART Tech Services by phone at 1-800-543-6278, or fax 314-567-6318 or E-Mail to obtain a copy of the MART Warranty.

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