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Convert your Jet Spray Machine to perform the
same as a MART Power Washer

If your Jet Spray machine cabinet is solid and not corroded, it is often possible that MART can convert your machine to Power Washer Performance with all the benefits of the MART System. The savings are significant. You get the same performance and warranty that MART provides on its new Power Washers, at a fraction of the cost. Following is a case history:

A Canadian company had an old Proceco that was removed from service many years ago. The cabinet was intact. The customer needed another MART at a cost of approximately $100,000. To save on the cost of the new Power Washer, the old Proceco was shipped to MART where the Proceco components were removed and scrapped, the cabinet was gutted and cleaned, and new MART components were installed.

PHASE ONE: Remove the Proceco Components:

(1) Proceco Low Powered Pumps
(2) Proceco flat Woven Mesh Pump Suction Filter      Screens
(3) Proceco Bicycle Chain Table Drive
with Shear Pin Overload Protection
(4) Proceco Commercial Water Level Sensors
(5) Proceco Cantilevered Center Probe Manifold
(6) Proceco Stationary Wash Manifold with Nozzle      Elbows and Swivel Joints
(7) Proceco Manually Operated Overflow Pipes that      remove Floating Oil
(8) Proceco Electric Heat Elements that install from      front of Cabinet, and
(9) Proceco Electrical Control Panel with maze of fuses

PHASE TWO: Install the following MART Components:

(1) MART 70 Horsepower Duplex (turbo) Pump System for 8 times Higher performance      with greater solution flow, pressure, velocity and impact at surfaces of wash load,      MART Suction Quieting Chamber and Directional Vane to inhibit solution cavitation
(2) MART Perforated Pump Suction Filter with flow from Five Sides
(3) MART Gear-Sprocket Table Drive with Clutch Overload Protection
(4) MART patented electronic Solution Level Controls that measure four solution levels and      shut down Washing Machine Pump and Heat Source in case of high or low water      Conditions
(5) MART Center Probe Manifold on Track mounted above Cabinet
(6) MART oscillating Power Blast Manifold
(7) MART engineered programmable Stainless Steel Disc Oil Skimmer
(8) MART Eclipse High Efficiency Gas Heat and Flue System, and
(9) MART Electrical Control Panel with fuseless IEC Contactors that conform to ANSI/NFPA      79 Codes, latest revisions


(1) Apply Polyamide Epoxy Acid Etch Primer and Coating
(2) Test and Measure Functions and Performance:
        (a) Test and record all Functions and Operating Parameters per the MART Final Inspection Form
        (b) Provide One Year Mart Warranty for Proceco Retrofit System

While this conversion was performed on a Proceco Jet Spray Washer, MART can convert almost any Jet Spray to Power Wash performance providing that the cabinet of the original machine is sound.


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