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The MART Parts Cleaning Cost Analysis

After 30+ years of consulting to heavy repair shops about solutions to their parts cleaning problems, MART has found that most rebuilders do not have a firm grip on their parts cleaning burden. This is remarkable since the cleaning burden is always between 30% and 50% of the total shop labor and overhead expense. Imagine the delight of shop managers when they realize that their cleaning burden could be reduced to half or less of its present cost. In many cases, the potential for added profit through parts cleaning reductions exceeds the present income of the shop.

As with all MART Educational Tools, there is no obligation on your part and no charge for this service.

The MART Parts Cleaning Cost Analysis

parts cleaning cost analysis

PARTS CLEANING COST ANALYSIS (PCCA): The PCCA is an in-depth study of your cleaning costs It is an all-inclusive study that can provide the basis for a complete overhaul of your parts cleaning activities. In addition, you can submit your Worksheet to MART for a comprehensive analysis of your present expenses and the reductions that are possible. This Service is confidential and free if you choose to avail yourself of this opportunity.  

Click here to download the MART Parts Cleaning Cost Analysis. After completing the form, please send to with MART PCCA as the subject.

If you have any questions or require assistance in completing out the form, please call us.


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