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Articles - What is a PART WASHER?

PART WASHER is the most often used Internet search term for people seeking information on cabinet style part washers. The problem is that PART WASHER is not definitive. It could mean a solvent or aqueous part washer system, including hand steamers and high pressure wands, or a soak tank, or even washers used as mechanical spacers to secure nuts and bolts.

If, however, PART WASHER refers to a part washer cabinet, then MART offers the most complete part washer equipment line available from any part washer maker. No one else comes close.

It does not matter whether the part washer requirement is for speed and thorough cleaning, or difficult soil removal, or special automated features for high production, MART has a PART WASHER that can be configured precisely for your work with tried and proven part washer technology.

Take the time to review our Website and get the part washer facts, and then phone a MART applications specialist at 1-800-543-6278 or e-mail  For international inquiries, call 314-567-7222

Let us know your PART WASHER needs, and we will explain how we can meet your requirements.

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