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MART Power Wash and Wastewater Systems prove that the cleaning of materials and components for new manufacturing applications and rebuilding can be safe for employees without polluting the environment.



Tornado 40hp

Many years ago, long before the concept of GREEN TECHNOLOGY became popular, it was MART’s goal to manufacture Wash Systems that conserved water and reduced energy consumption, were safe to operate, and did not pollute the environment. Because of our ongoing R&D Program that began over 22 years ago, MART has exceeded its goals by more closely meeting the objectives of GREEN TECHNOLOGY than any other washer maker.

All MART Power Wash Systems are Closed Loop and Zero Discharge. Even when a MART Power Washer is equipped to wash, rinse and flash dry a parts load, no solution or rinse water will discharge outside the cabinet for treatment or disposal. The rinse water becomes makeup to replenish the solution that is lost through the evacuation of steam. Thus the wash solution and rinse water are recycled again and again. Depending on the Power Washer Model, a MART System will collect between 34 gallons and 1,100 gallons of sludge and other waste before it will be cleaned out and charged with fresh water and chemical.

Typical MART Power Washer

Our extensive research led to considerable savings in heat energy. This is why MART burners are 60% smaller than would otherwise be required, yet a Power Washer will heat to full operating temperature in about 1-1/2 hours and maintain cycling temperatures in the range of 187 degrees. Evidence of the energy savings is that MART stack temperatures are rarely more than 650 degrees F, compared with 1,000+ degrees F on other brands of wash machines. Safety features are apparent throughout the Cabinets and Electrical Systems.


MART EQ-1 WASTEWATER PROCESSORS - Tested and verified by the EPA for commercial use and MEEP for military applications.


Eventually, when the wash solution becomes supersaturated with soil and stops cleaning, the reservoir must be recharged with fresh water and chemical. The most common methods used to dispose of waste water are (1) pumping out the wastewater and having it hauled by a licensed processor for disposal, or (2) boiling off the water and disposing of the dregs as hazardous waste. Nothing GREEN about these methods. We say that boiling off the water is getting rid of the wrong “stuff? Worst still, boiling can easily create such hazardous waste as hexavalent chromium, and lead oxide and cadmium oxide, each of which can easily become airborne. Even in trace quantities, they are serious polluters and health hazards.

Typical EQ-1 Wastewater Processor

MART invented the EQ-1 Wastewater Processor to eliminate these polluting and unhealthy practices, and provide a System that cleans the wastewater and returns it and most of the chemical back to the Power Washer for reuse. But the benefits don’t end here. The waste is encapsulated for safe disposal. It does not matter that the waste contains oil and grease, or lead or cadmium or chromium or asbestos, the encapsulated end product will pass the TCLP test so that the waste goes directly into a non-regulated landfill. If a plant is faithful to the MART EQ-1 Process, it can become a small quantity waste generator, which eliminates manifests, tracking and record keeping.

Our GREEN TECHNOLOGY proves that parts cleaning and wastewater processing need not be filthy and polluting. MART is proud that its Power Washers and EQ-1 Systems meet the stringent objectives of GREEN TECHNOLOGY. If you are also concerned with the environment and the future of our planet, then we at MART are confident that you will appreciate our technology as well.

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