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MART-ALKOTA Comparison



14 August 2004


GENERAL: The entire MART Power Washer line was designed and engineered for Caterpillar to meet Cat’s highest cleaning requirements and standards. MART offers 104 engineered options for each Power Washer system so that each machine can be configured precisely to maximize the application. The fine points of the technology and benefits cannot be fully explained in this Comparison. The highlights:

Each MART electrical system, for example, is an engineered system to meet NEC, JIC and NEMA Codes: TEFC Continuous Duty C-Frame Pump Motor(s) with 1.25 Service Factor and Class F Insulation, Across the Line Motor Starter, Transformer in its own enclosure to reduce heat buildup of components in Main Panel, NEMA 12 Enclosures, THHN wire throughout, Flexible wire runs that terminate in compression fittings with seals at both ends, and sealed Liquid Tight Conduit.  Wash Pumps are engineered by MART without seals or metal-to-metal contact in wet end, Hardened Machined Alloy Steel Throttle bushing and Pump Shaft Sleeve of machined hardened stainless steel, Enclosed Impeller that is balanced to within 0.0074 inch ounces/ounce, and bearings that are B-10 rated for 50,000 hours of operation. Electronic Water Level Controls are service-free (virtually fail safe) and provide shutoff in case of high water condition, shutoff of pump and heat in case of low water condition, and a Rinse Bank (optional with Auto Rinse Cycle) so that each wash load receives a full and complete fresh water rinse. Posi-Drive Turntable Drive has Gear Motor with Clutch Overload Protection that drives Sprocket on Turntable. For operator safety, Loading Door locks in open position so that Turntable cannot drift or move when loading and unloading. Turntable Bearings are pre-greased and permanently sealed. The benefits of MART engineering and construction are (1) fast wash cycles (8 to 12 minutes per load on average for rebuild, and 2 to 4 minutes for new manufacture) and thorough soil removal from all inner and outer surfaces, (2) maximum reliability, (3) low maintenance, (4) lowest operating cost of any wash cabinet, and (5) longest economic life.  MART Power Washer owners can reasonably expect 30 or more years of productive service with no reduction in performance.



40 Hi-Profile
Power Washer

Jet Spray Washer

  7 Day Timer (Heat or Skimmer) – 239 each  
  Stainless Steel Thermometer  
  Low Water Heater Shut-Off  



Auto Refill w/Low Water Shut-off
NOTE: MART Low Water Controls also shut off Pump to prevent damage to Pump if run dry






Not Available


Cabinet Insulation
NOTE: MART does not recommend insulation for this washing machine .Energy savings are minimal because the major causes of heat loss are from (1) steam and evaporation losses and (2) the ambient temperature parts that soak up heat to come to wash temperature. Cabinet Insulation only reduces heat loss by 10%. The disadvantage to insulation on most washing machines (not the MART) is that they can rust from the inside outward since the sandwich construction becomes a water trap when the washing machine cools down over a long weekend and when being emptied and recharged.


20 Horsepower Pump System
NOTE: MART Pump System operates at 78% efficiency compared to 50% efficiency (max) of Alkota Pump. MART Pump Data at the nozzles: 269 GPM total flow and 13.5 GPM per nozzle at 107 PSI with a velocity of 126 ft/sec.  Thus MART provides 36% more washing energy at the nozzle tips for faster and more thorough soil removal. (Engineering calculations are available on request). 



  Lower Spray Bar  

Power Blast (oscillating) Manifold to penetrate all
innermost and outer surfaces of Wash load for the most Thorough parts washing possible

Not Available

Closed Loop Zero Discharge
NOTE: Alkota has Rinse Diverter with manual fresh water control valve. MART (optional) Fresh Rinse Water becomes makeup to replenish solution lost through steam and evaporation so that no solution or rinse water discharges outside the cabinet for treatment or disposal.

Not Available

TOTAL FOR BASE SYSTEM (with Cabinet Insulation):  

  (without Cabinet Insulation):  



Oil Skimmer w/60 Minute Timer & 7 Day
Skimmer Timer – 599 + 239 (Alkota)


NOTE: Exclusive with MART. Skimmer is engineered
and manufactured by MART with Stainless Steel Disc and Scraper Blades, TENV High Temp Gear Motor with Pillow Block Bearings on both sides of Disc to stabilize for reliability and long life. Auto Timer automatically controls cycling hour and duration to operate in early morning hours when defoamant has returned to solution, emulsified oil has popped up to the surface for skimming, and temperature has dropped to maximize efficiency of oil removal.


Dual Turntable w/Spray Bar
NOTE: MART offers superior wash coverage at no Added cost … See Power Blast (oscillating) Manifold above.

Not Required
  Gas Heat: 225,000 BTU  

NOTE: MART has 180,000 BTU Burner System that provides operating heat temperature heat recovery equal to the 225,000 BTU Burner on the Alkota. BTU requirement depends on the Heat Transfer Efficiency of burner so that a less efficient burnermrequires higher BTU input. Easiest way to determine Heat Transfer Efficiency is to measure the stack temperature of the Alkota and compare this to the MART. The stack temperature of Jet Spray Washers tends to be 900 Degrees F to 1,100 Degrees F while the Stack temperature of a MART runs at 600 Degrees to 650 Degrees F. The excess stack temperature of the Alkota is wasted energy up the stack so that a larger burner is required to heat and maintain the temperature of the Alkota washing machine. Another factor affecting heat consumption is the steam .  Alkota uses a constant velocity system with a fan, pulley, belt and in the air stream. Sometimes this method evacuates less than the correct amount of steam while, at other times, it pulls more steam than necessary which    causes excess heat loss. The MART Steam Exhaust is vacuum venturi style so it automatically modulates to the atmospheric pressure inside the building to maintain 0.3 Water Column Inches (WCI) inside the cabinet, which is just enough to force the steam inside the cabinet to discharge from the exhaust stack without dumping steam into the shop.



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